Why LinuxPath?

You learn by doing.
Our training reflects that.

Hands-On exercises help learners retain Linux materials for real-world application.
No added fees or downloads. Only with LinuxPath.

In-house Experts

Learn from full-time Training Architects with real-world IT operations experience.

Rigorous QA & Review

Each piece of training content sees multiple rounds of careful review and refinement.

Student-Led Ratings System

We ask for all learners to let us know how we’re doing so we can continue to delight and impress.

Learn By Doing

Our training involves practicing real scenarios. Apply your skills in here, to perform better out there.

All-access, all the time

Access whenever you want, as often as you want without worrying about added cost or risk.

Over 150 Hands-On Exercises

Use our Hands-On exercises to develop in-demand skills in as little as 15 minutes.

Real-world application

Beyond practicing test questions, we believe in intentional training on real-world competencies.

In-depth and up-to-date

Relevant, comprehensive tools, always. Our content updates with every Linux advancement.

Fast and secure

Instantly spin up in-browser terminals without downloads or port 22.